2018 Scholarship Winners Announced

2018 Scholarship Winners Announced
Posted on 05/30/2018

Introducing our 2018 scholarship recipients!

(pictured top: left to right)
Bethanie Hartzog, Ariton High School
Eden McMillan, Northview
Sarah Youngblood, Providence Christian
Abby Wells, Providence Christian
Mary Hinson Mims, Houston Academy

(pictured bottom: left to right)
Dylan Hasty, Providence Christian
Katelyn Vinson, Houston Academy
Erika Tyler, G.W. Long
Charles Hoekenga, Dothan High

(not pictured)
Kimberley Guiler, Northview
Sara Beth Ramsey, Houston Academy
Caroline Krista, Dothan High
Ethan Greggs, Geneva County High

This is our fifth year to award scholarships. Dr. McClimans gave 13 individual scholarships totaling to almost $4,000.00 this year. Congrats to all our recipients!