h-braces4Now that you have received your headgear, it is very important that you follow your orthodontist's instructions very carefully. Your success with the headgear depends on how often you wear it.

There are several types of headgear, and you have been given the kind that will work best for you by guiding your teeth and jaws into the correct position.


  1. Work into wearing your headgear a minimum of 14 hours a day.
    1. 1st day: 5 hrs.
    2. 2nd day: 6 hrs.
    3. 3rd day: 8 hrs.
    4. 4th day: 10 hrs.
    5. 5th day: 14 hrs.
  2. Keep track of the hours and bring the daily record to each visit.

  3. The appliance should never be worn during running or vigorous play (football, wrestling, etc.).

  4. If your headgear becomes soiled, the cloth strap may be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap.

  5. Some soreness of the teeth will be experienced during the first week. This will gradually disappear as wear increases.

  6. Inadequate wear (such as skipping a day) will often cause an increase in soreness.

  7. If the headgear becomes broken, bent or lost, or a brace becomes loose, call the office immediately.