Brunette Teen with Braces Leaning Against TreeTo achieve your goal of the healthy, beautiful smile you have been working for, it is very important that you carefully follow your orthodontist’s instructions about wearing elastics.

Some soreness of the teeth is normal for the first few days. This is because of the movement of your teeth, which is the goal. However, incomplete wear (such as 12 hours a day) will:

  1. increase soreness
  2. actually prevent tooth movement
  3. possibly damage teeth

To get the best results from your elastics, remember:

  1. Wear your elastics 24 hours a day. They should be removed when brushing your teeth; and if removed when eating, they must be immediately replaced.

  2. Change elastics at least twice a day.

  3. Carry spare elastics with you in case one breaks.

  4. If your supply runs low before your next appointment, stop by the office and we will replenish your supply.

  5. If a hook breaks or gets bent, notify us right away.

REMEMBER: Elastics are a very important part of your treatment. Your continued cooperation will make it possible to successfully finish your treatment.