s-braces2The retention phase plays a major role in your overall orthodontic treatment plan. Now that your braces have been removed and you have your retainer, it is important that you closely follow your orthodontist’s instructions. Not wearing your retainers as directed could erase the hard work you and your orthodontist have achieved. It could cause your teeth to shift positions, making your healthy, beautiful smile disappear. The key to maintain your new, beautiful smile is to wear your retainer as instructed.

Also, remember to:

  1. Keep your retainer clean. If you have a removable retainer, make sure you clean it daily. Brush your retainer daily by removing it, brushing it, and placing it back in your mouth. Every week you need to soak it in water and Polident or some other denture cleaner. Do not use hot water because it will change the shape of the retainer.

  2. Handle your retainer with care. When you take your retainer out of your mouth, place it in a case for protection. Retainers, when loose, are easy to lose and break. They are also expensive to replace. So put your retainer case to use when your retainer is not in your mouth.

The retention phase may last for the rest of your life, but your healthy, beautiful smile is worth it!

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